Errors and conscience


Call with clamor

Does whatever is best, considering only the information in the given clamor. (Any value can be a clamor, but some values have no other purpose.)

Different implementations of the Cene language may encode different understandings of what is best. However, if they recognize a particular kind of clamor value, they will usually implement it as the clamor value’s own design intends.

In the present implementation of Cene, a program that follows its heart always terminates with an error. If the clamor is a clamor-err, the error message is a little bit nicer.


Construct with message

A clamor that recommends for the program to terminate with the indicated error message.


Macro. Example: err.\;qq[Divided by zero]

Makes a call to follow-heart using a clamor-err with the given error message. This recommends for the program to terminate with that message.